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Rain On Me Party Girl Blinding Lights Stuck with U Intentions (feat. Quavo) Circles Adore You Sunday Best Watermelon Sugar Don't Start Now Dance Monkey Before You Go Yo Perreo Sola Chasin' You everything i wanted Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) More than My Hometown Death Bed (feat. beabadoobee) Be Kind Whiskey Glasses Break My Heart Hard to Forget Beautiful Crazy Si Veo a Tu Mamá If the World Was Ending (feat. Julia Michaels) No Idea Falling
Rain On Me Blinding Lights Breaking Me Don’t Need Love Flowers (feat. Jaykae) Dance Monkey Stuck with U Death Bed (feat. beabadoobee) Break My Heart This City Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy) Don't Start Now Surrender Break Up Song Lonely Physical Watermelon Sugar Falling Midnight (The Hanging Tree) [feat. Jalja] Daisies Before You Go Boyfriend Adore You If the World Was Ending (feat. Julia Michaels) Know Your Worth Juliet & Romeo Ride It Intentions (feat. Quavo) Stupid Love ily (i love you baby) [feat. Emilee]
Rain On Me Blinding Lights Dance Monkey Don't Start Now Breaking Me Stuck with U Before You Go Adore You Intentions (feat. Quavo) Watermelon Sugar Break My Heart Death Bed (feat. beabadoobee) Ride It This City Circles Know Your Worth Physical Daisies Sunday Best Be Kind Eastside ily (i love you baby) [feat. Emilee] bad guy Post Malone (feat. RANI) Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue) If the World Was Ending (feat. Julia Michaels) Memories Boss Bitch Shallow Party Girl
夜に駆ける 香水 I LOVE... Pretender 白日 紅蓮華 宿命 イエスタデイ マリーゴールド ハルジオン 春を告げる snow jam 115万キロのフィルム Rain On Me 裸の心 パラボラ ノーダウト インフェルノ まちがいさがし あなたがいることで bad guy ハルノヒ 飛行艇 Teenager Forever 僕のこと 青と夏 Walking with you どろん ただ君に晴れ 君はロックを聴かない
South Korea
Rain On Me Stuck with U 이상하지 않은가 (feat. RM) Nonstop 자나깨나 (feat. 조이) Blinding Lights 사람 점점 어른이 되나봐 (feat. 니화) 아로하 사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 Be Kind Burn It (feat. MAX) Candy Don't Start Now Dance Monkey Interlude : Set me free Intentions (feat. Quavo) Zombie Break My Heart Punch WANNABE Dolphin ily (i love you baby) [feat. Emilee] 흔들리는 꽃들 속에서 네 샴푸향이 느껴진거야 Memories 난춘 Daisies Happy Maniac 아무노래
Rain On Me 晴天 七里香 一路向北 (Bonus Track) 稻香 告白气球 夜曲 搁浅 等你下课 (with 杨瑞代) 简单爱 People 28 (feat. NiiHWA) 说好不哭 Strange (feat. RM) Lover 给我一首歌的时间 彩虹 Stuck with U 安静 Burn It (feat. MAX) 爱在西元前 以父之名 珊瑚海 (feat. 梁心颐) 开不了口 听妈妈的话 eight (feat. SUGA) 少年 可爱女人 青花瓷 枫
Rain On Me eight (feat. SUGA) 她沒在看我 想見你想見你想見你 (電視劇《想見你》片尾曲) CHANGE Without You Stuck with U 浪子回頭 太陽 句號 愛上現在的我 (feat. 高爾宣 OSN) Candy 怎麼了 浪流連 說好不哭 Daisies Don't Start Now Señorita Break My Heart Be Kind Dance Monkey 你的答案 WANNABE 倒數 Intentions (feat. Quavo) 少年 Blinding Lights 綠色 囂張 差不多姑娘
Hong Kong
想見你想見你想見你 (電視劇《想見你》片尾曲) 銀河修理員 eight (feat. SUGA) Rain On Me 呼吸有害 假使世界原來不像你預期 Señorita Stuck with U 凡人不懂愛 (劇集《降魔的2.0》插曲) 說好不哭 一人之境 她整晚在寫信 不許你注定一人 WANNABE 告白氣球 Candy 哪裡只得我共你 讓愛高飛 (劇集《多功能老婆》片尾曲) 2084 bad guy Dance Monkey Break My Heart Memories 我們都是這樣長大的 Don't Start Now 怎麼了 你,好不好?(TVBS連續劇【遺憾拼圖】片尾曲) 你是你本身的傳奇 Shape of You 願榮光歸香港